We are responsible for our own fruitful process. Morale owes us nothing, but if we are better understood the fruit will taste so much sweeter.
- Unique J. Gathright

When she owns nothing else besides her name. A woman still has everything she needs to build a nation, but if she is loved and honored she will survive and so will the entire universe. - Unique J. Gathright

How does that old saying go? You can't see the forest through the trees. I always say that so wrong. I prefer you can't see the forest through the fire! It has so much more meaning to me this way.

I can appreciate it better this way. Smell it like toasted marshmallows, taste the chard and sweet milkiness. I can feel the heat of the flame against my cheeks.

The treat of sweet & salty you get by licking the sticky from your finger tips. Toasted Marshmallows in the dry winter or summer heat. I don't agree with seasonal pleasures, it's mental robbery.

Pleasure is not an occasional holiday. Pleasure is every day, It should be at least. Indulgence is my idea of foreplay. My fantasy, my escape, my peace.

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More than a catchy phrase to express being overtly smitten with a lover. The way I see life risking it all can be viewed as a double entendre. Taking a chance on unforeseen results is a dangerous gamble especially if you'd give up everything you've ever known for it in a heartbeat!

The beauty of it all is there are no tiers in this game of all or nothing, plus there's that adrenaline rush factor... That's the good stuff! In the pursuit of love, in life we admire those who have the moxie to go after their happily ever after. Some of us may even dare you to... and I'm not speaking of the ones with green eyes of envy. I'm talking about ones that see the greatness in you and want you to WIN.

Life is like the flow of water, life is fluid and it takes shape as it carries us through some treacherous terrain. The same, we are as fluid as we inspire to be. We adapt and mold ourselves to our surroundings in an attempt to go with the flow and survive. To " RISK IT ALL " means breaking the mold and creating a new way to live, to love, to be alive. I always tell people to ( Think Sweet ) that's kind of my way to use the mind over matter thing.

The unbeknownst is FREEDOM not fear. Fear is going with the flow, that's the safe zone. I know it's always easier said than done. You don't have to jump out the window, first open up that window. Let some fresh air inside to get inspired and start there. Then you take a risk! Create your beautiful beginning, I dare you.

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