Short Stories

Wild Horses ( The New Avenue )

Different than before, the reason it lasts so long. You’ll never know exactly what to expect. The actual moment of truth is the only way to unveil. Be present in this travel. Breathing, it is the most innate human ability. And if your breath isn’t lost the minute you’ve realized what is meant, then you should question everything you thought you knew about life.

I requested an open field for many reasons, claustrophobia, plenty of vegetation, a literal runaway in the forest. The air was brisk and moist, perfect. The only thing that could ruin this mood doesn’t exist in this terrain, It can not survive here. This level of power and control increases one’s capacity of fear. Makes you a little wilder. Freedom without restraint. Naked. Beautiful and dangerous, each one brave and insane.

There’s something in this water I believe. Look at our strength. Imagine if eyes could feel everything seen. You must wash your hands with grace before touching me. A culinary feast, inhaling locust trees before we eat our collard greens. Wet concrete under our feet, our mane drenched from the rain. Wild as we want to be, land of the free. We live in peace and harmony, the elements are a friend indeed. A true exchange of power, guided by sunsets and moonlight. Mystical creatures of the nightlife.

United advantages over every living thing, but why? The reasoning is sickening. We’re worth more as stock in this industry. We do not harm one another, yet we are forced to make love with only domesticated breeds. Let me be, let me breathe my locust tree in peace. I insist, appreciate me, don’t bite the hand that feeds. Treat me well, beat me to it. Open doors of opportunity.

(Before I opened it)

We were preparing our pillow pallets for a nice evening. The girls planned big glass bowls of hot kettle corn with chocolate chips, marshmallows and roasted nuts with sparkling water. I added cranberries to my bowl and had a glass of red wine. I can only drink red wine with my chocolate. It's more about the feeling than the flavor. For me it's like my mini Valentine's day for the moment.

I felt so satisfied; admiring my beautiful daughters, my eyes danced watching their personalities flow like pretty little exotic flowers. I felt pretty, feminine even, not classic at all... just pretty. Maybe it was the clean face with a high pony. I had applied lipstick after my shower but, they made a " NO MAKEUP rule ". So it was fine, I didn't mind.

There it was again, this sensation that something was about to happen. No one knows where we live so why did I feel a presence at the front door. I'd finally made a nice spot between pillows and wasn't looking forward to getting up from that position. Looking at the girls I said "Someone is at the door."

I stood slowly... the mood had changed by now. We'd all gotten used to being in a good space in life and finally started feeling like a normal family. I dreaded opening that door, but no one was there. Instead there was a box. The moment I saw it I felt different. I felt my eyes fill up with light, I felt curious and not afraid. My heart was beating fast from excitement and I couldn't stop smiling. I was anxious with anticipation, I wanted to open it immediately, but I felt I should be alone (Before I opened it).

3 stars of excellence

The Raven.

I have a special relationship with this mysteriously alluring creature. Obvious reasons are it's intriguing beauty... A bird so black it showcases hues of blue. The Raven has centuries of hidden stories in plain view.

Many see her as ancient deities or messengers, a prophet or the creator. Some believe the Raven is dangerous a sign of darkness to come while others see her as fire, wind and rain. A symbolic replica of power & purification.

Such a wide spectrum of ancient, spiritual & religious interpretations. However my favorite story is that of the indigenous people.

They believe the raven is somewhat the creator of Love. A curious, playful lover who one day found a male being alone in a shell by the sea. A clam shell to be exact. The raven grew bored quickly of this single soul and felt saddened as she returned him back to his sea shell. She then decide she would search for the male being a female companion.

The raven was on a self pleasuring mission seeking adventure and passion to amuse and stimulate her for more creations to come. She branded a beautiful female creature from all of the elements surrounding her.

She didn't unite the two at first. She allowed time to pass to plan a strategic, yet natural introduction. Once the emaculant union took place, a wealth of emotions overtook the male beings body and mind.

Pride, honor, desire and strength. He had been rebirthd' from his female beings energy! He made a promise to protect her with the only things he owned in the land. So he covered her with his clam shells...

Protecting her pride and honor, her desire and her strength. She became his everything.

The raven grew overwhelmed and weakened as she celebrated her vision come to fruition and she began to drift uncontrollably from the sky.... As she began to fall, a sensation of melodic frequencies lifted her delicate soul and threw her back into the sky!

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