My Diary

Quarter Century

My ancestors speak to me. Often times in the past I'v asked for their protection and wisdom. Specifically, I ask my grandmother to walk with me. To remove anything not meant to be, and graciously they oblige.

Today is different, it's my birthday. Naturally I'm in reflective mode. Asking my inner self have I done enough? Do I fully understand who I am? So many questions I have. Typically I look to the universe to reveal those kinds of things as my confirmation. Like I said today is different, I received a different response from what I'm used to! I expected to find a penny. Always a penny. It's an understanding that I have with my grandmother to show me a penny if she's with me. The origin of a penny is meant to signify the one-hundredth power of something. The number one hundred is variably used to chronicle gratitude. I could go, but I'll explain later.

I knew my footsteps were already written. I didn't need to verbalize out loud what my next move was. Even still, I consciously began to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. The first things I noticed were the remains of last night's celebration. Makeup trays on the counter, my birthday dress hung on the back of the door, an empty wine glass sitting nicely on the bathroom floor and laying almost next to it exactly where my feet would've been, a quarter. I bent down to pick it up. I even smelt it. I felt thankful and confused. Why is this quarter here? What does this mean?

A visual of my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother surfaced in my mind. Three generations including myself makes it four generations. I thought back to the significance of the quarter. Monetarily we all know twenty five is the number value in cents. I was born on the twenty-fifth day of the eighth month. Obviously she's telling me happy birthday, but of course my mind wasn't satisfied with that explanation alone.

A quarter specifically is one fourth of something. The lesson begins to unravel a bit more to me. Half of an half is the equivalent of everything we know. From one being derives another. We are not whole alone. We were not created to be alone. We were created to become whole. We did not even come into this world alone. I always say one of the most human things a person can do is cry. We cry at birth and we cry at death. I cried in relief holding that quarter against my chest. I received the lesson.

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