( Modeling Chose Me ) Walk in your Light!

Hello, it's been a while. I've been super busy! Finally time to post new work, I'm excited! An interview with a young California model

There's an unspoken rule that challenges us to believe modeling has it's stigmas. Celai: " Like SLAY. That's how you say my name". Celai West is the exception to the rule. Her rainbow personality proves it! She's a 9 year old California girl who happens to werk as a model. The vetted model and I talk the fast life, fashion and falling. Celai: " My favorite runway experience was at Madison Square Garden| NYFW... because it's MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!" " I had no idea there were 4,000 people watching me, I guessed maybe 400."

Reminiscing back to September’s experience Celai gushes over the designer dresses she wore. A black floor length piece with metallic flower/foliage embroidery designed by @lindagailfashion. Another treat for all eyes to see, the model also wore @puipuiamore a pink princess cut gown draped in bling fabric, gold mesh and black sheer material layered from east to west!

The mere imagery of walking in a high profile fashion show with blinding light has me overtly excited and slightly overwhelmed! Can you imagine the nerve it must take for a 9 year old to conquer any fear of falling? She has none. Celai: "I've Never fallen, NOT on the runway."

Yes. You read it correctly. You felt it too, right? Confident and courageous. Her sweet little voice speaks with direct enthusiasm. Kids tell the truth! The dialogue between Celai and her mother Linda Ligons-West took on an life of it's own. Playful, but respectful. Celai: " My mom inspires me with her dresses and big hair." I personally believe every girl in the universe wants big hair.

Again, she's my favorite! This conversation was super fun, we giggled and shared fashion tips. All the while Celai was being driven to dinner with the family of course, I was in bed having dessert by now. Linda and I concluded with (real girl talk) off the record. Such a refreshing and open experience.

(When the Action fits the Agenda)

Worldwide assaults inspired by trump seem to be appropriate considering the source. Most of the world has followed our nations Political American horror story since months prior to Election Day. Even if one does not engage in politics, the more recent series of protesters prompted by pressure built frustration has opened our eyes to what our very own neighbors could potentially be in support of or against. Innately returning home after work each day to grasp the visuals of insult to injury. We work hard just be able to afford the luxury to do so, but why do we allow our inner peace to be disrupted? Why do we fight fire with gas. This kind of remedy affects our own personal agenda to succeed in life and love. It only makes us delayed and stagnant, it doesn't actually matter what you do for a living because we all want the same things. Love. We deserve it and don't we owe it to the people we love to think twice or (Think Sweet) for the sake of our families shouldn't we practice that right first at home. Of course we must address very real issues, but we don't have to become them.

Did you know that you have the ability to refocus someone's agenda towards you? Media does this everyday. I inspire you to counter act any aggression you encounter in your life and watch it evolve.

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